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Backgammon games, luck or skill?

A good question for every player, particularly when the money is involved. Backgammon is enjoying a new lease of life and perhaps one of the reasons for this is the ability to be able to gamble for money and win. Another reason is the internet, which offers another kind of opportunity for the backgammon player that they don't get with other online games .

Depents of the point of view in many ways backgammon is about the individual, even if playing against a machine it is a case of one against one. In Poker for example, players are often plays against four or five other gamblers in a round, so already backgammon has that element of individualism attached the game. So what is the real truth? In law the game is given the status of a skill game rather than a game of chance, this follows the landmark case of Barr vs. The State of Oregon in 1982, where backgammon tournament director and writer Ted Barr was alleged to have been promoting gambling through backgammon. The judge pronounced in his verdict that 'backgammon was a game that needed skill and was not a game of chance', and Ted Barr was not only acquitted but took on the mantle of vindicator having now set the precedent for the game for generations to come.

The judgment declared that backgammon was a game that involved strategy skill, and the ability to assess your opponent throughout the game with mathematical skills, and probability. Poker and Casino games but and many other games of chance are not the same, as the most of the time only luck is required to win. Backgammon therefore is not seen as gambling game; but here lies that strange situation, because when you play for money it is? If backgammon online is played by two players competing against each other, and both are wagering on their skill rather than their luck this is why it is no longer a game of chance. Other gambling online depends on the randomness of the draw usually depending from a rundom numpers generator, as in the case of Poker or Slot machines which generates a particularly sequence of events from a specific program allied to that game. In other words the destiny of your game does not reside in your skill, but in the skill of the programmer who put the sequence together.

This is where the diferenence between backgammon and all other online gampling games becomes more definite, as the only random element of the game is the dice themselves. How you react to the play or decide to move, that is down to your desision.

How you arrive at those skills is a matter of practice and your personality and of course and a little bit of luck!

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