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Backgammon is one of the best strategy games of all times, invented thousands of years ago and still played by millions across the globe. Surprisingly no major change occurred since the birth of backgammon. The only drawback to this thrilling game is that whenever you want to play you are forced to have the opponent near you at all times. The internet revolution brought us the online backgammon and since then everything changed. Internet revolutionized communication between people and took backgammon to a complete new level, the generation of online backgammon. From now on players are not forced to have someone with them in the same room in order to play the game. They will just have to log on the internet, download a good quality backgammon software and simply start playing. With new 3D backgammon boards, a variety of different level opponents and a completely realistic environment accompanied by amazing sounds, the online backgammon can provide an amazing experience.

Online gaming has no boundaries and people can play their favorite game online with fellow players without worrying about time or place. You never run out of people to play your favorite game with. The first ever real-time online game of backgammon took place on July 19th 1992, with the First Internet Backgammon server. This server is still running today, making it the oldest server dedicated to backgammon and one of the most popular amongst the fanatics. Today many commercial websites offer the real time online backgammon gaming services, for example Yahoo! Games since 1997 as well as MSN Games providing the service on ActiveX.

Since 2006, backgammon has officially been accepted into the online gambling industry. Online backgammon offers the unique opportunity to practice your favorite game and meet people who share the same passion. If you are feeling lucky and want to play for money, at last you have the opportunity to seriously challenge your skills by playing online backgammon tournaments with beginners all the way up to the experts, ending up winning loads of money.

How to play online backgammon:

Firstly you will have to choose an online backgammon system to join and simply download the software. Online backgammon systems are numerous and you can find them very easily. All different kinds of companies are creating their own unique backgammon service. Those systems usually need a fast and reliable server, a user friendly and practical interface and of course a large amount of internet game players. Apart from those elements each of those systems have very small differences between them making it easy for you to choose the online backgammon interface that best suits you. In order to download the software you might have to register and activate a real-player account. The dices are programmed always to be randomized, just like the real ones, by random or pseudorandom number generators.
When you finish the registration procedures you will be able to join an Online Backgammon room. Those rooms offer many amenities to the players. One of the most common is a ‘how to play’ software guide and an online backgammon tutorial for those who are not familiar with the game or with using the online backgammon room. This tutorial can be of great help since you are given the chance to correct your mistakes and improve your online backgammon skills. The online game rooms must offer an accessible and friendly gaming system and a good chat system, enhancing the experience of playing a live game.

Sometimes backgammon players need a bit more than just winning a game. They need to win money in order to make the experience much more challenging. If your intentions are just to play for fun then you are set to go, but if your plan is to play for money, then you must prepay an amount into your account by using Pay Pal Services, Neteller or your credit card. When looking for a system for online gambling you first need to check the reliability of the system. Check the security technologies offered in order to secure your winnings will not be lost or altered. As an example, one of the most reliable protection systems is the SSL security protocol. When your account is successfully updated with the amount, you will immediately be able to join a pre-existing game or create your own. You always have the choice to join one-to-one games, session games or online backgammon tournaments.

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