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Play Backgammon for Real Money


One of the most important factors in backgammon games is that the players can keep betting throughout the game. With Doubling and beavering is the way that this happens in backgammon, which means that players can make money throughout the game. Unlike conventional race betting where the money is staked before the start, betting odds are not relevant either as two players compete for the winning pot, rather than an odds or evens prize.

Backgammon in recent years has seen its board game image tuned upside down with the introduction of the internet and online gaming for real money. You end up with a whole new board game. This one however played out over a PC screen to an audience of literally millions.

Although most matches are between two players, the money that is being ploughed into the game via commercial sponsorship and events such as the $1,million dollar Partygammon challenge shows just how far money has changed the game.

The majority of online sites offer FREE backgammon software downloads and FREE moneyplay games where you can play all day for nothing, even when you run out of fun money your account gets filled again, so you can continue playing, so when you're ready you move onto real money.

A service fee for providing the service is charged to the player through the Rake, the term used for the amount of money that is paid to the 'House' or the site providing you the service to play online backgammon.

Money in backgammon has invigorated the game and the betting aspect of continuous betting makes the excitement even greater as the race draws to a close.

Playing backgammon for real money

Now why does that phrase playing for money bring some people out in a cold shiver? Possibly it can mean one of two things; either you are going to win, or you are going to lose. In the majority of cases the latter is why people start to shake. The very concept of losing money to a complete stranger is abhorrent to the financial standings of some people's wallets or bank balances.

However, gambling on line is now respectable and for backgammon players adds more spice to the traditional fun element of the game. But before you start to take out your credit card and put your money where your mouth is, play in fun play and get good, get real good: because there are some players/sharks in the virtual world that you need to be aware of for even in a sophisticated and gentlemanly game such as online backgammon they will swallow you whole, given half a chance.

So, to help you in your search for the pot of gold at the end of the inner board,

Some tips when playing for real money


When your opponent doubles, you double too, up to four when it's your turn.

Double always when it won't cost you. If you are down 2-0 in a match to 3 and win the next game the Crawford game, you are now at 2-1. Double on your first roll of the next game! If you lose? Too bad, but if you win you win the match, It makes no difference if you lose 4-1 or 3-1 does it? Take the chance!

Avoid safe play, hit in unsafe positions, it takes your opponent by surprise, but it is a risky ploy to try.

Stick to your plan, in this unpredictable game, it is always best to have a back up plan as you never know how the dice will fall.

Learn your equity tables, if need be go to the online backgammon school to do this; it will pay dividends in matches later.

If you have to leave a shot, put yourself in a position that profits you best if you are not hit.

Finally, always remember when playing for money, the status of the game will change depending upon the prizes involved, small events won't attract as many participants as the larger prize money tournaments and matches, which can range from $25,000 upwards to $100,000, a month. That's why when playing for money; some players treat it very seriously, very seriously indeed.

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